Multi-seeded bread

• 500 g miklos’ seeded bread mix
• 430 ml lukewarm water
• 22 g fresh yeast
• 12 g salt

With bread machine
Put the lukewarm water, salt and flour mix into the bowl of the machine and sprinkle the yeast on top. Close the lid and start the machine on the gluten-free bread program (about 90 minutes).
In the oven
Mix the ingredients together well with a blender or knead the dough by hand. Rub oil around the inside of a 1kg loaf tin and place the doughy mass into the prepared tin and smooth the top. Let it rise in a warm place, covered with oiled foil, for about 45 minutes. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 210°C for about 45 minutes.
Tip: sprinkle grains on top.

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